Electro-welding works

The main elements of the company’s business include electro-welding. Our welders are equipped with advanced technologies and regularly pass qualification tests. Our experience, which we used for contracts in the Belgian company NV Ivens, where our welders demonstrate (prove) their existing powers in welding various types of materials, pressure tanks and containers, welded structures, wires and pipes. The sutures are regularly checked by X-ray and capillary ultrasound, as needed in the workplace. The seam are regularly checked by X-ray and the capillary of ultrasound exploration, as needed in the workplace.

Qualifications of employees:

The company conducts tests and issues certificates of the type STN-EN ISO 9606-1. Welders have the available ability to perform welding methods 111, 121, 135, 136 and 141 from the specified requirements and standards.

Sphere of company activity:

  • Welding of vertical trays
  • Welding of tanks and tanks under pressure
  • Collection of pipes
  • Welding of the main components of glass
  • Welding of vertical flanges of tanks on average 8.3 x 18 m in height (basic built-in)
  • Welding holes on roofs of buildings
  • Weld seam joint for plastic bottom and bent seams of structural connection to the motherboard.

Consultant on questions: +38063 99 81 980, Alexander.